We are your partner providing construction, design and deliveries of rollcontainers, engineering and stainless steel components.


laundry rollcontainer with hinged shelfs, capacity 250 Kg
lockable trolley for small tool and parts storage, capacity 200 Kg
wire cage for bottling and transportation bottles of wine
cart with pulling-out shelfs for presentation of wines, capacity of 30 bottles


we supply the turning or static displays, including the final coating and accessories
types of the steel plate display, dimensions and capacity according the customer´s request

stainless steel collectors

plastic cover, textile bag, rubber ring, and set of the bumper & plastic wheels including possibly can be equipped by pedal opening mechanism  

laser cutting

we provide the deliveries of laser cutted profiles, based on customer´s request we are able to make a production drawings, get a material from our own suppliers, and offload just at the customer´s place  
working range of the machine is between 12 and 120mm in case of round tubes, and from the 12x12 to 100x100mm in case of using square tubes